End of Adventure: Chevy Garage

I just want to start off by saying, the tacos were excellent.

Last weekend, I had a training in Redmond, Oregon and I asked WE if he would like to go. It worked out so great for the most part. He was able to hit some new riding areas, get stuck in some crusty snow and take some awesome videos and photos that I am sure he will be posting here soon. So, the last day we were there, I got a text from WE saying we have to stop in Bend because the ENGINE light had illuminated.

His truck is a 2016 with less than 9k miles on it…so this caused Safety Sally a little anxiety. Then, as soon as I climbed into the truck, I explained to WE that, “It’s the stupid computers they put in these things. They set them to throw an error when really, there isn’t any reason for one.”

Aaaannnndddd guess what the Service Department said after running diagnostics on the truck?

“Must have been the blah, blah cycle didn’t fully complete.”

Sure, I thought to myself. Anyway, WE had found a quaint little taco shop so we drank a beer, had a couple of tacos and prayed there was nothing wrong with the truck. It never fails, though. WE always have an adventure wherever we travel. When was the last adventure you had where it nearly ended badly? Feel free to share in the comments below.

Here’s to more adventures,
The Intern

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