Personal Armour

I had someone approach me the other day and ask my advice on some gear. So I thought I would share some gear talk on products that I personally use either on my bike or myself and why.

I was getting the KTM ready for one of our man-cations last year. The grips that I had on the bars were worn and ready to be change out so, I threw a new set of grips on. Now you might think I’m going to talk about what grips I like to run and I will in another blog. What I really want to talk about is a product for your hands that I should have invested in years ago. I like to ride with thin gloves because it ahandlows me to feel the bars better.

Well new grips, thin lite gloves, and 100 degree weather can be the trifecta for blisters. Did I say, can? What I meant to say, was: IT WAS THE TRIFECTA.

On our last trip to Moab, I tore my hands up pretty bad the first couple of days we were out on the trails. I was miserable and in a lot of pain the rest of the trip. At one point my hands hurt so bad I was having trouble just holding on to my bike on a trail called Cliff Hanger. This was one place among many others we ride you need to be thinking of your next line not how much your hands hurt. I pushed through the trip with my hands wrapped in gauze and a pair of thick heavily padded gloves. When I got home I was talking to the Intern and telling her how much fun I wasn’t having while my hands hurt during this last trip and that’s when Safety Sally showed up.

She said to me, “Isn’t there a product that could prevent your hands form getting torn up like that?”

That’s when I jumped on the internet and found what I like to call a little slice of IMG_0926heaven.

There called palm protectors and many manufacturers make them. The brand pictured is Tusk and I picked them up from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. I swear by these and can’t say enough about them. Now that I have started to wear these palm protectors blisters are a thing of the past. They are easy to put on and I don’t even notice that I’m wearing them under my gloves. I can ride for hours again with those thin gloves in 100 degree weather that I enjoy so much.

I like to keep a couple of these in my bag so I’m never with out.

If you have a product that you think I might like or want to try out please leave a comment below.

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