img_0820 Wes has been riding dirt bikes since he was old enough to touch the foot pegs. His love of the sport even took him to the island of Maui, Hawaii where he quickly became enamored by the island people and the cane fields filled with the largest spiders he had ever seen. A few times, he would get back from a ride through the fields only to discover an unnaturally large cane spider had hitched a ride on his dirt bike.

Maui isn’t the only place Wes has been fortunate to live. One of his favorite places was West Jordan, Utah. The American Fork area was a popular ride before work adventure with his coworkers and boss. The single track was lined with quaking aspen trees and large moose roamed freely among them. (That created quite a few scares when he rounded a corner and one was standing in his path.)
Growing up, Wes learned to ride on logging trails in his own backyard. After adventuring far from home, he returned to his childhood house plant his roots and start yet another adventure. WEadventureNW had been a dream since Wes was a little kid. His dream is to retire and discover other riders in different states/countries and have an epic adventure with them.

First on his adventure list is Baja, Mexico.