Everyone Has One

I have been asked many times; Where is your favorite place to ride?

My answer, every time, is; my own backyard.

Living here in the Northwest has allowed me to have a mecca of places to explore and one of them is right out my own back door. No matter where you live I truly believe that we all have that one place we call our own little slice of heaven.

I have been extremely blessed over the years. The Intern and I live on the same land I grew up on and it is where my dad introduced me to my first motorcycle. I am not sure he and my mom agreed to it, or it was because kids are the best sales person you will ever meet and I just wore him down to the point that he just gave in to keep me from pestering him all the time. The moment I was able to touch the foot pegs, I was rarely home.

The first bike I rode the wheels off of was a Honda trail 70. I remember that I was to small to touch the ground and too small to pick it up on my own so my dad would run behind me to keep me steady. I remember the day vividly that he was holding the back of the bike as I was riding around down by the barn. I was yelling to him how much fun I was has having and as I looked behind me, to my surprise and panic he was not there. Next thing I knew my dad was picking the bike off me after I had plowed it into the ground with me yelling at the top of my lungs, “Why did you let go?”

My dad is one of the wises men I know and I figure that he could see that it as time to let go and spread my wings. There is the question as to whether he really enjoyed running behind me all of the time. I mean. This was a dirt bike with a motor, not a bicycle. Either way it was the right thing to do, I have never looked back and probably never told him thank you for making me the rider I am today. Thanks dad.

Over the years I have live and ridden in many different places. About 10 years ago, the Intern and I got an opportunity to move back to my childhood home. We jumped at the chance and have never looked back. It has been a place for us to reunite with family and friends. My riding buddies, one being my cousin, and two other close friends, that the Intern has now labeled “The Girlfriends” are out here riding when we all can’t get out and explore new places.IMG_1252 It is also a great place for everyone to come and ride for an afternoon. Most of my riding buddies kids have learned and grown up riding out here and it makes me smile because I see my younger self learning and tearing it up out here just like I was when I was their age.

So, if you were to ask me where has been my favorite place I have ever ridden I will tell you hands down my own backyard. IMG_0148

One of my goals in this whole adventure is to get out, ride new places and to meet new people along the way that share my passion. So, if you have a favorite place to ride please share it with me so that I might have the chance to enjoy and tell one of those stories that you can sit back and say “Been there. Rode that.”

There are so many great places to ride here and I still haven’t rode them all but believe me when I say, I am trying my hardest.

Now get out there and have an Adventure.

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