Circa 1978

Free Range Parenting

I was encouraged at a very young age to explore my surroundings. I remember my mom would pack me a lunch and I would put it in an old Army backpack I found in the basement. We had an old gas pump on the farm and I would fill my XR75 then head out behind the house with no concept of how far I could actually adventure on a single tank of gas. These were the days I had no worries or adult responsibilities. Life was all about the adventure. I would ride for hours exploring old clear cuts, new trails and logging roads.

When I share these stories, people are curious as to how many times I got lost. Truth is, we didn’t need GPS back then. We knew our directions based on the sun and location of the creek that always led us back to the house. I do find, thirty-nine year later, I find myself taking those same adventures. My mind free of responsibility; it’s just me, the bike and the possibility of a new adventure ahead of me. After all these years, I somehow find my way back to the truck using only a simple trail map and my aging sense of direction.

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