What is this: WEadventureNW?

When I’m out on the trail or out on the town with the Intern I am often ask the same question.

What is WEadventureNW? And what do you do?

That’s a very good question.

I had the perfect example while I was out on a trail just the other day.

From the first day I threw a leg over the seat of a dirt bike I had dreamed of doing nothing more than riding my dirt bike for a living. Well, as the mass majority of us know, that isn’t as easy as it sounds. We need to have a job to pay for all the travel expenses, dirt bikes and the repairs that go along with them. And as many of you know by now, the Intern is my biggest fan and support system. She is also my reason of sanity and keeps me on the straight and narrow; sometimes being the voice in my head. A few years back, as the Intern and I were enjoying one of the great brews that the Northwest has to offer and reminiscing about our travels and goals we have had over the years and the new ones that we would like to set for the years to come, she ask me the infamous question.

She asked, “If you could do anything you wanted what would you do?”

Now, you have to know the Intern like I know the Intern. This is the woman who, while working a 40-hour work week, challenged herself to go back to school to get her degree all while writing and publishing a book at the same time. There was a lot of pressure here. She had set the bar pretty high if not impossible. As I sat there pondering my options to the question I realized the answer had been there all along.

“I want to ride my dirt bike and meet others that share my passion,” I blurted out.

 She looked me square in the eyes and said, “So…what are you waiting for?”

I’m not going to lie: she scares me.

If you ask her she would tell you she doesn’t like the adrenaline of life and she would rather just sit and watch it all go by, content in her office writing books. But I know different, she is just the opposite; she just doesn’t see it. She is fearless about her dreams and she makes them reality. She has intense focus and once she has made up her mind to make something happen…it happens.

I sat back on my stool and brought my glass up to my lips so that I might have a chance to avoid the question, or maybe I was just buying time to answer her. No one had ever said that to me before. The Intern can be kind of intimidating and to-the-point when she wants to be.

I really couldn’t come up with a reason why not so I blurted out the words:

I’m scared of  falling on my face with this idea.” 

She then said to me; “Ask yourself this question: What would you do if you were not afraid?”

I remember that quote from a book we were ask to read just before we got our cheese moved to Maui to help run a bike shop.

The Intern has given me the challenge of a life time. She gave me five years to figure it out and quit my job so I can do this, my dream, full time. Of course she’s helping me. More than anything, she encourages me to blog and take adventures now.

One year down four more to go.

So, back to why I want to do this. Some kids want to be firemen or police men, I just wanted to ride my dirt bike. It gives me that fuzzy feeling in my chest and always puts  a smile on my face. I’m reminded of this every time I jump on and go for a ride. I’m pretty sure every rider I pass on the trail and wave to feels the same way.

And so another adventure begins.

My cousin and I loaded up and headed out the other day for another one of our many adventures. We ended up at a place called Johns Peak. (Click on the link to check out the area, or click here.) We unloaded and hit the trails for a few days. We found an awesome trail that led us up to a small creek bed which looked like it would go on forever.  I remind you, this was way out in the middle of nowhere and we hadn’t seen or heard another rider in hours. As we are testing out our skills of riding slow in the rocks like a couple of want-a-be trials riders, we noticed a fellow rider off in the distance working his way down the same path. We quickly make our way to a wide spot to make room for him to pass.

Now, this is way I love doing this. Whether you are letting a follow rider pass or broke down on the side of the trail a rider will always stop to say hello or to lend a helping hand. On this occasion it was just to say hi, but there was some thing different about this rider. He was actually on a trials bike. When I said hello, he looked up at me with one of the biggest smiles I had ever seen and said,

“Good day for a ride don’t you think?”IMG_E1865

Always! I can’t remember ever having a bad day. We introduced ourselves and he said his name was Walt. Now I’m going to guess that Walt is around my dads age and is still tearing it up out there. In fact from what I could see it looked to me like Walt had that same feeling of being a kid when he rides.  As the three of us sat there in the middle of the trail admiring each others bikes I told Walt what a great trials bike he had.

Before I even got the words out that I had always wanted one, Walt said, “Here take a spin on it.”

Remember when you were a kid and you just dropped your bike on the ground wherever you were because you were so excited to be doing whatever it was you were going to be doing? I’ll be honest here, I just about threw my bike to the dirt as I was getting off it, just like when I was a kid. I was so exited that I almost forgot I had a kick stand. After gathering my senses a little, I briskly walked Walt’s way and as I approach he politely asked if I needed him to start it for me due to the kick starter being on the opposite side as mine.

I chuckled to myself and said, “Yeh, if you don’t mind?”

Walt, being the true rider he is, took the time to explain everything I needed to know before taking off on the bike. Like how responsive the throttle was going to feel, and how the brakes were very sensitive. I thought to myself how hard can it be?

Holy Crap!

Walt wasn’t kidding! I thought my bike was responsive. This thing was insane. All I can say is: I’m in love. I have a feeling, the Intern is going to be proof-reading this, just shaking her head. Really though, a trials bike is nothing like my other two, so it won’t be too hard to convince her I need it!

With a huge smile on my face I ask Walt where could I ride it.

He looked at me kinda funny and said, “Anywhere.”

That was a dumb question but in my defense I was just so exited that I felt like a little kid again. I was able to ride over rocks with ease; the tires gripped them like nothing I had experienced before. I rode down and back up the section that I had just rode up on my bike and I was in awe, I was able to climb like a rock star. When I finished my ride on it I turned it over to my cousin to try out. You think I had a big smile on my face you should have seen his.

After taking Walt’s bike for a spin we got to talking about what we all do. We found out that Walt was from Grip Studs and he began to tell us all about it. I told him that I started up WEaventureNW and that I’m an adventure blogger just living out my dreams.

This opportunity is the exact reason I started WEadventureNW.

I have to say, Walt was one of the nicest riders I have had the honor of meeting while out on the trail and I know he won’t be the last.

I guess when I sit here writing this story I am reminded of that day the Intern challenge me to live out my dreams and start adventuring.

Thank you Intern, I couldn’t do this with out you.

If you have a special place that you think I need to ride please feel free to leave it in the comments and maybe I will get a chance to write about it.

Be safe and adventure.


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