Switched at Birth

During our latest adventure, boon docking a the Oregon Coast, we discovered our generator had been…wait! Before I tell you the ending, I should really start at the beginning. The Intern and I took the trailer out last weekend to Thousand Trails in Newport, Oregon. They were filled to the brim with campers, so we had the option to boon dock, or dry camp, in an area of the park over looking the ocean.

We opted for that and I got the trailer set up, slides out and then we headed to town to get gas for the generator. This would be our first adventure relying only on the battery, yes only one, the propane and the geni. Ten gallons of gas and we were up and purring. The Intern was pleasantly surprised with the quietness of the geni. She used the microwave, stove, she even loved the shower that first day. We spent most of the afternoon on the back patio listening to the quietness around us. It was great.

Eight and a half hours on the geni and she shuts down. Assuming she’s out of gas, I head back into town. Returning, I find the tank full after adding just a few gallons of fuel. Curiously, the geni wouldn’t start. Prime, prime, prime. Nothing. Other campers came over and offered their opinions, but nothing seemed to help. Finally, the control panel through a code and I knew there was no way I was going to get it started without voiding our warranty. Concerned about the charge on the single battery, we loaded up early and headed home. Our adventure: cut short.

I called the service department and dropped the trailer off. Guess what?

It was the stickers that were placed incorrectly on the trailer.
They were switched at birth!

No kidding! There are two fuel tanks: one for the Geni and the other for filling the bikes. I was filling what I thought was the Geni tank, but in fact it was the Fun Fuel tank. So, if this ever happens to you, and it’s your first time out, try putting fuel in both tanks. šŸ˜‰


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