Muzzle them both!


We left the house with the trailer on the truck headed to the Oregon Coast for a weekend adventure. I’ve got the dog, Steve riding in the back. Now, I have a seat cover to keep him in the back seat and it also keeps his nails from ripping up my upholstery. I have the Intern to my right and we were on the road. Steve started whining and making a desperate attempt to crawl into the front of the cab. The Intern starts barking orders at Steve. This back-and-forth continues for a while and I simply try to ignore it an focus on the road ahead of us.


The Intern continued to yell at Steve, but after an hour or so, she started to add some colorful words, and her voice was about the same pitch as his whine. Neither one of them were giving in. They just continued to get louder and louder. Still, though, I was concentrating on the road and trying to tune the two of them out. Then, Steve’s nails ripped through the seam of the doggie seat protector and he was wiggling his way to the front. The Intern flips out, shoves his head back toward the backseat and I couldn’t help but laugh. 


Inside my head. 

Not aloud. 

No, no. With all the crazy going on between the two of them I wasn’t going to add anything more to it.

Get Out!

We arrived. Everyone out of the truck. First thing I did after getting the jacks down and the slides out? Yup, you guessed it. I got the Intern a beer. Man, between her and Steve, I need muzzles and a prescription for anxiety. It will get better, for both of them, the more we go adventuring…but until then… 🙂


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