Negotiating the 3605

I had five, five different dealerships from Salem, Oregon to Idaho Falls, Idaho in a bidding war to earn my business. The Intern wanted absolutely nothing to do with the art of negotiating the best price on the fifth wheel. All she wanted to do was pick it up and take it home.

Wait! Intern here. Let me just clarify. Wes will negotiate to the point of losing the deal. He lost three trucks prior to this because he just didn’t feel like he got the best deal. I remind him that the sales person has to feed their family too. Which, one of these days, you will have to ask him about #hernameiskaren. THAT’S a story for sure!

I, on the other hand, absolutely love negotiating. Coming from the motorcycle industry, I knew the markups and was not willing to pay full price for the trailer. In fact, I spent an entire week going back and forth between all the dealers before I finally sent out a message to all of them letting them know we would pick up the trailer on Friday from the lowest number. The lowest number came in and true to word, the Intern and I were at the dealership that Friday.

Bells and whistles does not aptly describe the 3605. She is a mecca of technology. Complete with three slide outs, a gas fireplace, two air conditioning units, a programmable fan, and full-sized shower for the Intern, a bathroom in the garage, A GARAGE! The chairs recline, they massage and they heat your bottom if you so choose. The 3605 is nicer than our house! The Intern had a hay day decorating and I couldn’t get over the central vacuum. Honest, I vacuumed the trailer three times the first day.

Who is ready for an adventure???
Let’s GO!

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