Sea of Clouds

There are days here in the Pacific Northwest that still absolutely amaze me.

Now, as you know, I’m not a big fan of the cold and the rain but on this one cold afternoon last winter a told the intern I was going to break  out the Honda and take a quick ride out behind the house. Holy crap, was it cold!  Before I left the house I layered up as best as I could while still keeping just enough mobility to still ride my bike. As I rode off into the cold and the fog… Wait, did I say fog? Here in the Pacific Northwest it can get foggy, and I mean foggy. There were times while riding on this little adventure behind the house that I couldn’t see more than what seemed to be twenty-feet in front of my fender. Needless to say, I kept pushing on through the cold and the fog. Even though my cheeks were frozen and I was shaking so hard that I sometimes wondered how I was able to stay up on two wheels.

As I climbed higher in elevation I started to see something that is very close to my heart: blue sky and sunshine! I had ridden high enough up the mountain that I was able to break out of the clouds below and bask in the sunshine as I rode. I instantly felt the warmth and a huge smile came of my face. I continued to ride for a while longer just to get to the top of the mountain and take in the beauty of the day. When I finally did make it to the top I threw down my kickstand, jumped off the bike, and was in awe of everything around me. It was like looking out at a sea of clouds. As far as I could see was just a few mountain tops and it made it feel like I was marooned on a desert Island. I hung out for a while enjoying the peace and quiet. There is just nothing like a little solitude to recharge your soul.

Back on the bike I went for the return trip to the house. The further I descended, the closer I get to entering the abyss of clouds, but as I did enter them and make my way back to the house by memory; because I can’t see past my front fender. I find myself reflecting back on top of the mountain and thinking actually just how blessed I am to have such a fantastic place to ride right out my back door.

I bet you have one of those places and I would love to hear about it.

Now go have an adventure and be safe.

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