Splatter Logo T-Shirts

large front logo

A large part of this adventure has been sharing the stories WE has experienced over the last four-ish decades. It is a lot of fun to see people sporting the logo-wear WE has created as well. If you are interested in the Splatter Logo, it is still available on Etsy in adult as well as children sizes.

All of these t-shirts are printed in the gorgeous Willamette Valley in Oregon. Each shirt is absolutely packaged by WE and myself to ensure it’s sent with care.
Over the next few years, WE will be bringing in new designs and retiring old designs. This design will most likely be a staple for the Etsy shop since it is the most popular of all of WE’s designs so far.

Who knows where WE’s next adventure will be? I know he would love to see you there!

Thanks for supporting WEadventureNW,
–The Intern


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