11.5 Feet is Garage

It took us nearly two years to decide this was the trailer for WEadventureNW. In fact, our first RV show was in Portland, Oregon and the Intern headed straight for the fifth wheels while I headed straight for the bumper pull trailers. Both of us agreed a slide, or two was necessary for the next adventure trailer, but from there we were pretty much divided.

The Intern wanted a real bathroom with a real shower. One where the shower curtain wouldn’t attack her mid-face washing. She also wanted a larger kitchen with a full-sized refrigerator. An outside beer fridge was on her list as well.

I went back-and-forth on toy haulers and regular bumper pull trailers for quite sometime before the Intern finally convinced me that a fifth wheel was the way to go. We looked at every fifth wheel at the Portland show and left more confused that ever. A month later, she and I attended the RV show in Salem and again…we found ourselves completely undecided. Leaving there though, we had a notebook filled with pros and cons for each model we had looked at.

Next show? Eugene and again…we just couldn’t narrow it down. The Intern loved the sleeping quarter in the rear and the living room up above the front. I just wasn’t sure if a toy hauler wouldn’t be the better option, since I was the one going to be doing most of the adventuring, alone. In and out, walking all over the RV show looking and taking notes. Pros and cons, likes and dislikes. Discussions over lunch. Discussions over dinner.  Needless to say, six RV shows later, we had narrowed the decision down to two Dutchmen Voltage fifth wheel toy hauler trailers. (Man, that’s a mouthful.)

We went to a dealership and look over the two models. There were pros and cons about each one of them, but in the end, we finally decided on the Voltage 3605. Now the fun was about to begin…

Negotiating a price.


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