Falling through the bathroom floor

After selling the Griz-Mobile, the Intern and I invested in a 23-foot bumper pull trailer. No slide outs, but still quite roomy. Much roomier than the Griz. While walking through the trailer, I discovered a soft spot in the entry-way from a leak in the water heater. Then I discovered I could put my feet through the floor in the bathroom! No kidding, I went through the bathroom floor.  I also discovered a faulty water heater. True to form, I began a extensive remodel of the trailer starting with the flooring. I had suspected the water heater had leaked while the trailer was stored over the winter and had saturated the sub-floor making it extremely weak.


The Intern decided it would look fabulous if the new flooring was laid at an angle rather than running flush with the cabinets. While this seemed like an easy alternative, it actually took me twice as long to custom cut all of those angles to fit the flooring just perfectly. The end result, though was absolutely nothing short of amazing, and once the flooring was done, the water heater was replace and the Intern had time to decorate…it was finally time to go camping. Although, camping seemed a bit more like glamping now. We had gone from the two-man tent to the Condo tent. Then to the Griz-Mobile that lacked AC and bed we could both (all three) sleep on to the pretty-much-perfect trailer ever. Complete with custom flooring and more pillows than truly necessary on a bed. We loved this trailer! We took it out on so many adventures. It wasn’t until the inception of WEadventureNW was created that either of us even thought about upgrading. Okay, maybe a few times before then. It was sometimes a little cramped when Steve, the yellow lab, had a meltdown over the heater kicking on.

Steve, the dog, is deathly afraid of heater vents. We don’t know what happened to him, but one day while we were at work, we suspect he had an encounter with one of the vents in the house. Both of us have tried to ask him about it…he refuses to talk. Most of the time, if it was raining, or if the Intern and I were in the trailer, that was where Steve hung out. As you can tell, the queen-sized bed was a little smaller with him in it. In fact, he would not sleep on the floor because the darned heater vent was under the table. Oh, I tried to set up the dining room table bed for him during one of the camping trips. It ended with me sleeping on that bed and Steve sleeping with the Intern. What would life be without a dog…I can’t even fathom it. Even though he has his many issues, life really wouldn’t be the same with Steve.


Steve, the Yellow Lab

The trailer lasted through two camping seasons before we got the bug for an upgrade. Not because the trailer wasn’t perfect, but because the Intern had this hair-brained idea that I need to retire early and head out on the road adventuring before I get too old to ride my dirt bike. I didn’t see any reason to argue with her, so the trailer got parked in the barn and the next upgrade adventure began.


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