Sprite Gear

This is one of those odd post you read not really sure what it’s about or how you got sucked into reading it.

My gear bag is splitting at the seams because of the amount of gear I own. Actually I mean bags, shhh. I think the Intern is clueless to the amount of gear I have or at least she is just turning a cheek and rolling her eyes because I just found some new gear that I just can’t live with out. Guess I’m going to have to pull the Safety Sally card out of my back pocket.

Now if you must know I like gear that is bright and noticeable, but the Intern has her own way of telling me that I’ve gone to far. Not that long ago, I ordered a new set of pants and jersey from one of the many dealers out there. I was so excited when the package finally arrived at the house. I was like a little kid at Christmas time. I ripped open the box and there it was; my new shiny gear and STICKERS!!! I love stickers! I can not get enough of them. This is part of the reason we now own a vinyl cutter! Wait, that is a whole other story. We will get to that one another day.

So, as I was saying, I tore open the box to see this shiny new gear looking back at me saying what are you waiting for try me on.  The gear was right. What was I waiting for?

I dropped my drawers and tossed the new shirt in the air. Standing there at the dinning room table in nothing but my skivvies, the Intern just happened to round the corner out of the hallway.

Yep, she had that look once again and the only word out of her mouth was that one that I had heard so many times, “Really?”

I think that is her go to word she has come up for me over the 20 some years of being together.

As I stood there half naked I turned to her and said, “Look what someone left on the front porch for me today.”

I quickly got dressed; with all my shiny new gear on that I was so proud of.

I turned to the Intern and asked, “What do you think, how do I look?”

She stood there for a moment thinking of the best way to tell me. Now as you know the Intern is like a super hero and her super power is to always tell the truth no matter how much it might sting. She looked at me from head to toe and had me walk like I was a runway model in the living room.

She looked me straight in the eye and said, “You look like a giant can of Sprite soda.”


Now, I’m not quite sure if that was suppose to be a complement or sarcasm. I’m leaning more towards sarcasm. Just so you know, I love that gear and still wear it every chance I get. So if your out riding on the trail and you swear to your buddies that you thought you saw a big can of Sprite soda riding a dirt bike just remember it’s probably just me.

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