Time to upgrade…again

Wow, sorry for the lack of post lately you guys probably thought that I had crashed and burned somewhere out on one of my many adventures, but I am glad to say I’m still alive and kicking.

It’s been one of those adventures that will take me more places then I had ever imagined and I’m sure there will be story after story to tell.

It all started a few years back, say 21. Yep the intern and I have been kicking around together for a few years now even though she doesn’t think I can hear her whispering under breath; why did I marry this idiot again. Back in the day if I wasn’t on a dirt bike you could always find me on one of those crazy three wheeled contraptions. Oh man do I have some stories to tell you about those things but that’s for another time back to my story. It all start with me talking the Intern into taking the bikes and a tent and head out for an adventure to the Oregon coast to ride the sand dunes. At the time it sounded like a pretty good idea plus the Intern and I were still in the honeymoon stage of our relationship and she was up for anything. Granted she still is after all these years later, but she is just a lot more cautious now.

As soon as the Intern could see the Pacific ocean and smell the salty air she was totally bought into the idea of camping on the beach. As we arrived at our destination, we were so excited. We started to unload the truck. First thing I said to her was, “We need to make camp.”

She rounded up the tent and she started looking for the perfect spot to set it up. We found that perfect spot, which happened to be on the side of a small sand dune. We were looking forward to having our heads naturally propped up so we could look out the tent to the ocean. We pulled everything out of the brand new box and began putting together the 2-man tent. Not long after getting it upright, we both kind of looked around, looked on the ground and check the box one more time. I swear there should have been more. Either that, or the 2-men that tent company was referring to were very petite men. Needless to say, we tossed in our sleeping bags and pillows and turned in for the night, ready to get a great night sleep listening to the ebb and flow of the ocean and awakening to a gorgeous day of adventuring.

Have you ever slept on sand? I ask, because one may think like the Intern and I did, that the sand would be soft and comfortable. IT IS NOT! It is as hard as concrete, if not harder. And, because we decided to pitch our tent on a small hill, we both woke up with our faces planted, squished up against the mesh of the front door of the tiny 2-man tent.

I just have to say, I am super glad we decided to leave the dog with WE’s parents that weekend. I can only imagine WE, me and a one hundred pound lab jockeying for pole position all night.

After that first night, we decided the two-man tent was probably not in our future. EVER. AGAIN! So, what was our idea for the next adventure?


Yes, yes. We upgraded to the eight-man tent and took the dog on the next adventure. We hand specific quadrants for sleeping (also upgraded to an air mattress) and areas for luggage and the dog bed. With all of our new and improved gear, we decided to make another run to the Oregon Coast. Once again we arrived, but this time we changed gears scouting out our camping area. Instead of looking for a sand filled, angled site we found the absolute flattest area we could find.  We made camp and this time it was perfect…

It DRIZZLE RAINED SO MUCH! I don’t know if you are familiar with drizzle rain, but it is unlike any other rainstorm you have experienced. It is like standing under a mist hose, except it’s not a hundred degrees so you get soaked. And then you get cold. And then you want to go home…

He is referring to me! I was NOT a happy tent camper. The water puddled inside the tent and the dog. Oh my gosh! He was tracking more wet sand into that tent…that very large tent. And the smell of that very big wet dog…it was all just too much for me.

So, when the Intern finally convinced me it was time to pack up, that tent was packed full of water and wet sand as well as so much wet dog hair. When we got home, to Eastern Oregon, it was set up in our backyard to dry for two whole days. We ended up selling it in a yard sale and decided we were not tent camping EVER AGAIN.

Stay tuned, more to come



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