Oyster Adventure

This past week as been a whirl-wind of activity for us. Hi everyone, it’s the Intern here. I wanted to share some fun things we have been up to and give you kind of an inside look into our adventures that aren’t too far off road.

Since I refer to myself as an inside pet, WE rarely spend time in the great outdoors doing adrenaline pumping activities together. No, I am more than happy to spend the day in front of the computer designing ideas and working on marketing for WEadventureNW. It keeps me busy, keeps me safe, and I like that.

This past Friday, WE surprised me with a trip to the Oregon Coast. Now, remember, I am an inside pet, so this isn’t an adventure where the dirt bikes came along. No, it was just the two of us in the FJ, cruising to the coast. What I didn’t know at the time was WE had a surprise in store.


Back in January, WE was going to take me to the Coast for my birthday. He had reserved a camp spot and everything. (We have a trailer, so camping for me is still an indoor pet approved event.) Unfortunately, the weather had other plans for us. The weekend we were to head over the pass, freezing rain fell like sheets and the roads were literally ice skating rinks. So, that adventure was a miss.

And we’re back…

Back to Friday: we ended up in Yaquina Bay at the Oregon Oyster Farms.


I am a HUGE fan of oysters and I was so surprised when we ended up there. You guys, it was really educational. We watched men shuck oysters like it was an Olympic event. WE looked like little kids with our faces pressed up against the glass. I had to giggle because everything they were telling us about farming the oysters and harvesting them seemed like the most pertinent information we had ever heard. Did you know they plant 15 million baby oysters each day in the 600 watery acres they own? Us either! 15 million baby oysters everyday! That is a lot of shellfish!

WE tried his first, second, third and fourth raw oyster on that adventure. (I had no idea that he had NEVER had one raw!) In my opinion, that’s really the only way to enjoy an oyster.

WE had four completely different oysters and each one had it’s own specific flavor. The largest one we ate tasted like a cucumber! No kidding! No sooner did we have lunch and a storm blew in across the beach. No joke. We watched it come in and raced it as it chased us through town. If you are ever near Yaquina Bay along the Oregon Coast, stop into the Oregon Oyster Farms and treat yourself to some amazing shellfish.

Until our next adventure, be safe friends.

ps…if you love WE’s shirt, you can get one just like it here.

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