Voices in my head

No, I’m not going crazy. Well, unless you ask the Intern in which she would say with no hesitation, “Yes you are.”

Have you ever heard voices that only you can hear?

Let me tell you about one of mine. I was on my way to scout out a new riding area and, as usual, I was excited for what I may encounter. As I was driving I thought to myself how much I wish the Girlfriends could have been there to explore this area with me, but as it was, I was out exploring in the middle of the week and that meant I was on my own this time. When I finally reached my destination the anticipation of jumping on the bike and ripping it up on a new trails was just too much. Anytime there are new trails to explore I feel like a kid once again and I can’t get the bike and my gear unloaded and on fast enough. Then out of no where I heard it. That voice in my head. It’s the Intern/Safety Sally telling me to slow down, take a deep breath and to remind me I have all day to make this new adventure count. Then the voice pipes in with: just remember what happen the last time you got really excited.

How could I forget?

I was loading my bike in the garage and I had forgotten how low the ceiling was. I hit my head causing me to twist the throttle and in-turn shooting the ramp out from under me as the bike and I were half way into the bed of my truck. Both the bike and I bounced off the tailgate on to the concrete floor of our garage. The bike was laying on top of me, pinning me to the ground in such a way that I had to yell for the Intern to come and save me. Yeah, that didn’t go over so well. Although she did have the power of ten men, (as she tells the story) she lifted the bike off me. Yes, she scolded me the whole time with that concerned voice. You know the one. The one that says I can’t believe I married this idiot. She has never let me live that one down. It was years ago, water under the bridge right? Not so much. That might have been around the same time Safety Sally showed up at our house.

So, back to this new area I was scouting out. I jumped on the bike and like a bat out of hell I race off on to the trail. Just as I was shifting for one more gear and twisting the throttle a little closer to wide open I heard it. The voice I can’t get it out of my head. It’s Safety Sally again, saying; you know you’re out here all by yourself. Do you really need to go that fast? I slow down for a minute thinking she is probably right. Who needs that rush first thing in the morning? I do! I say, and found myself twisting that throttle once again. Oh yeah, and for some reason I do find myself answering back the voice in my head and I’m not entirely sure why.

I was off scouting again when I came across this log that was partially in the trail and I thought to myself, that would be awesome to hit. Just as I hit it and it sent my flying over it I heard that voice say, REALLY!

Damn you Safety Sally! Can’t you see I’m just trying to have a little fun out here?

What a fun sucker she can be. I discovered I was stopping a lot to get my bearings because the area was completely new to me, and to check in with Safety Sally. I like to send her a text when at all possible to let her know that I’m fine. In her defense, she has never asked me to stay in contact with her when I am out adventuring. Her expectation is I always try to be home before dark and I call when I finally do get loaded up and on my way home. I’m thinking maybe, just maybe, if I keep in constant contact with the real one, the Safety Sally voice in my head will quiet down and I can finish out the adventure with fewer interruptions.

After a brief rest to check the map, I spotted a rock ledge that looked just too fun to resist. It was steep. Straight up and down with every ingredient for a disaster if you hit the wrong line. Just as I hit the ledge and it sent me flying: yep you guessed it, there it was that voice saying once again to me, REALLY!

I will tell you this though, even with Safety Sally’s voice in my head I had a great time out there discovering some new trails and can’t wait to share them with the Girlfriends.

As I get older I’m glad that I have a Safety Sally in my head. She keeps me safe and that’s pretty comforting to me. I’m sure you too have a Safety Sally that every once in a while you hear too. Who is the voice in your head? Do they encourage you to live adventurously, or are they like my Safety Sally and try to encourage you to stay far, far away from the edge?

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