What is it?

Hi all, it’s the Intern here. Hey, I have noticed quite a few of you have been reading about the 24-day Challenge and some of you have even sent us some questions. If you are considering the Challenge, WE are beginning a new one June 4th. That will give everyone plenty of time to get kits ordered and the cupboards stocked with healthy foods.

If you want to participate, please click on the link to read more here. Once you have placed your kit order, WE will be getting in contact with you via email. You will want access to the internet and there’s a pretty great app for your phone/tablet too. It will really help keep you on track during the Challenge and beyond. WE and I will be your coaches throughout the Challenge. WE will share great recipes and inspirational stories to help you stay motivated.

Whether you are looking to drop a few winter pounds, boost that cardiovascular system or you are ready for a lifestyle change, WE are here to help you through the process. Join our June 24-day Challenge group.

Here’s to healthy adventures,
The Intern

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