Future Riders

I have to admit if there is one thing I really enjoy about what I do it would have to be the ability to pass my knowledge off to our future riders.

Growing up, I relied heavily on dirt bike magazines and what I could figure out on my own. Now don’t get me wrong, my dad got me started in this sport and taught me the basics but to no fault of his that’s all he knew. I still thank him for giving me that first bike when I was a kid. I guess that’s why if there is a kid with a bike within ear shot it puts a huge grin on my face just thinking of all the fun they are going to have growing up on that bike.

I have been very blessed over the years by the riders I have meet and the places I’ve ridden and that is why every chance I get I love to share what I know to the up and coming riders.

Most of my ridding buddies all have younger kids and I just happen to have a kid friendly track at the house. It’s a win for all, plus the Intern likes to keep an eye on the action. Trust me when I say, she has the first aid kit in the go position.

IMG_1252I can’t lie, there have been a few bumps and bruises but most of all there have been tons of smiles.

I wish I had as much energy as these kids do. I have to giggle to myself though, watching these kids riding in circles for hours and never getting bored. I think to myself, how do they do it? Oh yeah I remember now: I was that kid. My grandmother once asked that very question to my father about me riding from sun up to sun down. He just shrugged his shoulders and smiled at her.

Our lives do get pretty busy with new adventures and sometimes we lose focus of what we truly love to do. If you’re like me and have the best Intern ever and the best ridding buddies that care enough to call you out at times, you start to remember that warm fuzzy feeling in your chest that reminds you of your own childhood and how excited you were when someone had just shown you a technique that all made sense. It amazes me how many things I learned as a kid that I now expand upon.

We can’t buy smiles but we can buy dirt bikes and that’s close enough for me. If you have a future adventurer be sure to give them the tools to succeed and the knowledge that you have.

Here is to our future adventurer’s. Have fun! Grip it and rip it!


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