First one there

It may be because I’m the oldest out of the bunch. The one of the group who has reached the age where I have to get up and use the bathroom three times during the night. Maybe it’s because it is getting harder to stay up late, or perhaps it is just the excitement I feel about riding and I start thinking about what my next adventure is the following day. Either way I still feel like that little kid racing home from school to ride my dirt bike before it got dark.

Now, someone once told me in my younger days, If you don’t get up early you can’t ride all day. To tell you the truth, that was some of the best advice I ever received to this day. I don’t know about you but I really enjoy getting out when the sun is just coming up over the mountains with the dirt still damp from the morning dew, That first inhale of the cold air in my chest. It makes me feel alive and like a kid again.

Back in the day, when I worked for a bike shop, we would ride before work most days. We didn’t open shop until 10 AM, so we were always guaranteed to get a few hours in before work. Yes, we were late now and again, but luckily when the boss is your riding partner you’re never really late.

The Intern is always giving me a hard time and giggles at me because still to this day I get so excited to go ride I have the hardest time falling asleep. My mind races just thinking of all the great adventures and the obstacles that I might encounter. She calls it the Christmas Eve Syndrome and I have to agree with her. I toss and turn all night long until I finally just get up and make some coffee, pack a lunch then load my bike and gear. I must confess though, I’m not a superstitious person but to this day I still can’t leave the house with out the Intern whispering a few special words that only she knows. Thanks Intern, for keeping me safe.

IMG_0573.JPGI’m not saying I’m always the first one to make it to our next destination because really all the guys I ride with feel the same way I do. It’s kind of a race to see who gets there first. It always, and I mean always. ends up the same way too. Whom ever is the last to show up should be prepared for the trash talk to begin. It’s all fun and games until your that last guy to show up then it sucks. You just drive up to your ridding buddies with your head held low and start thinking of good trash talk to retaliate with. When you’re all finally ready to ride that all changes with the familiar smile behind your helmet and the twist of the throttle.

I can only imagine that you all have a story or two about how you start your riding day. I know mine always starts with a smile and a good laugh.




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