Setting up shop

I just want to say, hi it’s the Intern here. I have a handful of items WE has tasked me with this morning and so far, so good. Before I get to far ahead of myself, I should back up to the first part of this month…

WE was contacting a bunch of shirt suppliers and vinyl designers to get some amazing swag out to his fellow adventurers. It was awesome to sit down with him and have him go over costs and the details involved in having the designs made. I think it was my idea…but, I am not sure. This has really morphed from it’s humble beginnings. Oops, getting ahead of myself again.

WE did a TON of research and had discussed maybe printing our own vinyl out here, at the homestead. I thought it was a terrific idea and I started looking/researching SMALL desktop cutter/printer options. When I say small…I mean like the size of a normal computer printer. We watched You Tube video after video. We read the reviews, we listened to the sound coming from the cutters, we searched for the best deal… and then it happened. WE went BIG. WE went GINORMOUS.

WE kind of freaked me out!

He ordered a vinyl cutter Tim, the Toolman Taylor, would snort over. He ordered soooo many colors of vinyl and the machine will be HERE TODAY!!! I think the first sticker I am going to design on this new fancy schmancy machine will be the “Go Big or Go Home” since we all know WE lives by this mantra.

Uhhhh…Did I mention he ordered a 4-color screen printing machine and a flash dryer as well? Can you all see the look on my face?

He asked me, “Do you still remember how to print shirts?”
“That was forever ago, but yeh,” I replied, thinking back on my high school days. I worked in the mall at t-shirt store. Seriously, the BEST job ever! I loved silk screening the designs and misspelling peoples name on sweatpants. You see, when I was in high school, you had to have your last name ironed on the back of your shirt and down the right leg of your sweatpants. It was really classy. So, sure, I totally remember how to silk screen.

“Wait, how are we getting the screens?” I asked, with a slight amount of panic in my voice.
“Can you make them?”


The answer is no.

Do you have any idea what it takes to make a single silk screen? Feel free to You Tube it. I did and there is NO WAY I am trying my hand at that. Needless to say, we have a local shop here in L-town and they are graciously burning our screens for us. Yay for local businesses! (If you can, stop in and tell them thanks. It’s Northwest Apparel on the corner of Main/Sherman.)

So, we have the vinyl cutter arriving today. The flash dryer for the t-shirts is here, as well as the t-shirts and the t-shirt printing contraption will arrive on Monday.


I think I need to remind WE of the full time jobs we both still have. I crack up. Who, other than this amazing man I get to call my best friend, would jump into an adventure with both feet? “Success is our only option,” as Marshall Mathers would say. Okay, that the Parental Advisory version, but still. WE are in it to succeed. Failure is not an option.

This brings us back to the list…So far this morning:

  • I have set up a PayPal account for WEadventureNW
  • Set up a Facebook shop linked to the Facebook page
  • Written down passwords in a super secret spot
    (I will forget where this is, so my hint is, “look under your keyboard”)
  • Researched Raster -vs- Vector for designing logos to print on vinyl
  • This post…
    I started this morning at 4:30 AM and I am on FIRE.

I thought about setting up an Etsy shop, but wasn’t really sure the men shop Etsy?? Feel free to weigh in on that in the comments below.

So, I think after the vinyl cutter arrives today, WE will be learning all sorts of new things. This is such an amazing adventure! Thanks for joining us and supporting WE.


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