You know when things are just right in the world?

This was one of those days. The sun was shining, birds were singing and I was out on the trail with great friends. It just doesn’t get any better.

Let me tell you about this little hitch hiker who landed on my fender. We had been riding in one of my favorite places; a little place called AF (American Fork) Canyon in Utah. This was a trail I had ridden many times before and wanted to share it with the Girlfriends. Truth be told, they had all ridden this trail with me before, but today was different. It was the last day of our trip. The end of another Man-Cation. We were all tired and our bodies were worn out after a week of solid riding.

We had just conquered a long up hill trail and stopped to caught our breath, I mean I needed to stop and catch my breath. As you know, I’m the old one of the group. Man, these guys like to remind me often.

We stopped on the trail and sat to let the bikes and ourselves cool down. We started to tell tall stories of the trail obstacles we had just ridden. Out of nowhere, this butterfly ever so gently landed on my rear fender. Now some of you are probably think: what’s the big deal about this dumb little butterfly? Well I tell you: in this rough and crazy world where we live, sometimes you have to find serenity. The best way for me to find that happy place in my soul usually involves me on a dirt bike or hanging with the Intern. When this simple little butterfly sat there just hanging out with us, with not a care in the world, it got me thinking of how lucky I was to be in that very spot at that very moment.

I am very thankful to have the friends I have who enjoy these adventures just as much as I do, and an Intern that allows me to live out these adventures. She’s always eagerly awaiting me when I get home to hear most of the stories from our adventures. (She doesn’t like to hear about the crashes and near death incidents.)

I challenge each of you to find a moment on the trail to reflect on those people in your life who make a difference. Take a minute and listen to the silence around you and renew your own soul often. Get out and ride with your buddies. Take that adventure that you have always wanted to experience.


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