Quack Attack

Well, here WE go again.

I received a text from my cousin that read, “You want to ride?”

Well yes, I did. I quickly text him back asking when and where?

By this time, I am assuming you have gotten to know my cousin and the grin behind the helmet. We both like the same places to ride and are always up for new adventures or as the Intern would say Predicaments.

I was anxiously waiting for that annoying comment bubble and the three dots to change into real words. Finally it appeared and our next adventure was in the works with these seven words:

Have you ever heard of Quack Attack?

My answer was no, but I was feeling up to just about anything. He said it would be a challenging ride. Really? How hard could it be? The name referenced a duck quacking.

My cousin arrived at my door to hurry me up and to help get my gear and bike loaded up.

Wait…I need to get you all up to speed on my dog IMG_0818.JPG
Haole, aka Steve. I promise it will all make sense in the end. My dog, Haole, is a yellow Labrador and he is very protective of the home. In fact, at times, he may be a little over protective. He has little ticks that set him off and on this particular day my cousin set off one of those ticks. The dog absolutely freaks out when someone drives down the lane. He really goes crazy when the vehicle backs up to leave. My cousin, not aware of this, backed his truck into the driveway and well…

When my cousin jumped out of the truck and turned to give me a hand loading my bike Haole, aka Steve, nipped him in the back of the thigh leaving a pretty good bruise.

My cousin being good-humored shrugged it off by saying, “Well that’s not a good way to start the day.”

Okay. Back to this so-called Quack Attack trail. We jumped in the truck and 45-minutes later we were at our destination. We were gearing up in anticipation for this adventure and I finally asked what the big deal was about this trail.

There it was. That grin behind his helmet. Yeah the one that usually ends up with us having the time of our lives and ending up in a predicament. They really do go hand-in-hand when it’s just the two of us on an adventure.

We worked our way through this trail which, to tell the truth, was pretty awesome. It had everything we loved to ride: logs, roots, and rocks. Wait did I say rocks?

I meant to say: BOULDERS.

These things were as big as a small car. As we went deeper into the trail we were both becoming more and more confident in our skill level. Oh, who am I kidding? We were starting to get cocky and you know what comes with being over-confident. That’s right: carnage! Over the years we have gotten pretty good at both.

We found a section where we thought we would just wheelie though the rocks. They didn’t appear to be to big and like I said before, our confidence level was running at an all time high. I made it through this section and while not graceful, I made it and that’s what counts.

IMG_0358.JPGNext was my cousin with all his grace and skill. I have to be honest, he is one of the best riders I have had the opportunity to ride with.

Let’s get back to his gracefulness. He was able to rip through this area like it was nothing. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention how we were both feeling pretty cocky? So confident in knowing there was nothing we couldn’t ride. Well in a split second my cousin and his bike were no longer as one. More like one went right and the other left.









When the dust finally settled my cousin was standing and asking me if I had seen where his bike ended up.


I could hardly catch my breath due to laughing so hard. I finally just pointed to the brush.IMG_0359.JPG





After we picked the Husqvarna out of the trees and surveyed the damage my cousin looked up at me.

“You know if your dog wouldn’t have bit me this morning, I would have made it.”

We both stood there laughing and thinking of how much fun we were  having just being out on our bikes. Crashes, bites and all, we came to the conclusion that no matter how bad your day starts out it’s always going to end with a smile and a new story to tell when it involves dirt bikes.

If you have a great place you think I should know about let me know in the comments.


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