Trash Talk

We all have that close-knit set of friends we tend to hang out with all of the time. Mine just happen to be my riding buddies. The Intern calls them, The Girlfriends. These guys have made me laugh, pissed me off and have even seen me cry. Which is why I love these guys like brothers. This brings me to the title Trash Talk.

We get together every chance we can, but life gets busy. We all have other lives and families that need tending. So that’s why we text each other all the time. It drives the Intern nuts the amount of time I spend texting the guys. That’s how my riding buddies became know as The Girlfriends.

Regardless of who starts the group text it always begins with the same words:

I need to ride.

Followed by where we all need to go and when. It quickly goes south from there. In fact, sometimes I’m surprised we get back to the request of adventure that started the whole thread. We are all very good riders and love to challenge ourselves when we are out on the trail together. We are positive and encouraging out there, but if you heard the way we talk to each other via text, you would think none of us had ever thrown a leg over a bike.

You have to remember that I turned fifty this year. That makes me the old guy in our group and should make me the voice of reason. The one with the most life experience and common sense. But, that is furthest from the truth. (That’s a list of stories for another post.) If you ever had chance to read one of our text conversations you would think we were a bunch of punk adolescent kids with foul mouths.

We spend a lot of hours together driving from riding area to riding area and it gets pretty restless inside the cab at times. We often load up the bikes and hit the road for a week trying to discover new places to experience have new adventures. When your on the road for hours at a time the trash talk runs thick and the smell. Oh the smell. That too is another story for a future post. I guess that may be one of the reasons why we all get along so well. We might talk a lot of trash to each other but when it’s all said and done we all have eachothers’ back.


I feel very lucky to have this group of guys to share
my adventures no matter how crazy or hair brained they might be.

Thanks guys.

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