Ride and Build Day

This was one of those projects that was dreamed up by two guys sitting on the back porch on a lazy Sunday afternoon having a beer or two.

So, like I said, this all started with my cousin and I sitting on his back porch gazing out to the hillside just beyond his backyard thinking to ourselves, that would be a great place to build a track to ride on besides all the trails we have here. The next weekend, we were planning a ride.

In an instant he turned to me and said, “Go get your bike and gear we need to ride!”

That statement seems to follow me where ever I go. In a flash I had my bike out of the back of the truck and we are ripping it up behind his house. We stopped for a break and to catch our breath when I saw that grin from behind my cousins helmet. If you have been keeping up with the stories you’ll know the grin I’m talking about. It’s the one that usually ends up with he and I having a epic adventure or carnage.  Of course you know me: I’m game for any hair brain ideas that might come up in the moment.

He was grinning from ear to ear when he said to me, “Let’s go fire up the cat and build that track.”


As you can see, there was no time to even take our helmets off. We, my friends, had a track to build. Okay, so I will admit a D6 CAT might be over kill but that’s all we had. Believe it or not, that was one of my favorite memories to date. We spent the rest of the day making jumps and cutting corners into that hillside and making sure we rode it over and over to make sure it was just right. You would have thought that we were two, five year old kids playing in the dirt with our toys. Come to think of it I guess there was no real difference, at least if you ask our wives. You would think after all these years those two would be tired of shaking their heads at us by now.

Remember, if you can dream it you can ride it. Get out there and make an adventure.


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