Stress Relief

Let me start out by staying my job is not stressful, but sometimes life throws you a curve ball once in awhile.

The one time that stands out the most for me was when my dad had suffered a heart attack and my sister and I loaded up and headed out to Boise, Idaho to be by his side. It was one of the most difficult things I have experienced in my adult life. There was nothing I could do to help him. I was scared I was going to lose him. The days seemed to go by in slow motion, but the stress seemed to compound by the minute.

It wasn’t twenty minutes after we arrived home and Dad was settled in before I changed into my riding gear and headed out the door.

For me stress relief is getting on my bike and just disappearing for awhile. When I ride, I get that warm fuzzy feeling in my chest, like the one I got when I was a kid riding my first dirt bike.


All my troubles seem to go away for a moment and I can breathe again. I get clarity to problems and the tight chest relaxes as I ride. For me, this is where I rejuvenate. On the back of my bike on the trails, or the track just beyond my front door. Luckily the Intern  knows and understands this about my. She’s kinda my rock.

Where do you go when the stresses of the day begin to wear you down?

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