Chase the Sun {Safely}

Intern here…

WE has always had a dream of retiring and chasing the sun. A few years ago, WE was talking about going to Baja and I about fainted. Not only is Baja in another country, but really? Baja? What’s wrong with riding Arizona or New Mexico?

Well, yeah. I want to ride those too. But, I really want to ride Baja. I know the Intern worries about safety and she’s actually pretty good at finding technology to keep me safe. Have you guys heard of Spot Gen 3

WE’s right. I do worry. I worry all the time when he’s riding. Strange thing is, I still believe no news is good news when he’s out and about. On the other hand, when he started, and relentlessly continued to show me videos of dirt bike riders in Baja, I knew the adventure was inevitable. I had two options: try to talk him out of it, or figure out a way to keep him absolutely safe during his adventure. I’ve never had much luck talking him out of anything in our twenty years of adventuring.

I chose the second option and decided to talk to a few friends to see what they would recommend. Among other things, Spot Gen 3 continued to come up.




more 2.jpg

This was part of the answer I was looking for. Now, all I need to find is a Medical Team, a Maintenance Crew, an experienced Baja rider and a helicopter I can charter for his Baja Adventure. In the mean time, if you know of a Safety Sally, feel free to take an online adventure together and show her the Spot Gen 3. There’s an option on there to send “OK” messages when you are out of cell service. (AWESOME!!!)

Safe trails, WE friends.
The Intern

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