The Toothpaste Story

I know, not a very original title for this one, but it is what it is.

When Wes called and told me to bring him his travel bag, I wanted to be sure his first aid kit was stocked as well. So, I did what any good intern would do and replenished what had been used. I added some bandages and panty liners. (Oh, I know. He was really freaked out the first time he saw the tiny pink packages in his pack too. I had to reassure him if anyone was hurt and needed an absorbent bandage, the panty liner would come in handy. They hold more than their weight in fluid.) I also added some toothpaste, muscle cream and lotion to the mix. Those I put in a zip top bag and put on top of the first aid stuff.

It was the first morning and I woke up before everyone else. You know, I was waaay to excited to sleep. Anyway, it was dark in the trailer and I was really trying to be quiet as not to wake my boss who was still sleeping. Anyway, I grabbed my toothbrush and toothpaste and started my day. Three-seconds into brushing my teeth, I realized I had not grabbed the toothpaste, but the muscle cream instead. My mouth was numb and that taste. Ugh, that medicinal taste lasted through breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, bacon and muscle cream anyone? 

Yup…I am no longer allowed to pack his toiletries. His first aid kit? Sure…but I am to stay clear from his toothbrush and toothpaste.


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