It’s a Safety Thing

When Wes decides he needs new gear, a new tire or some other item for his bikes, he has learned the very best way to justify the purchase to me.

Now, I will be honest. There have been a few purchases I have made in the past that I hide in a spare closet. There may be a Hobby Lobby bag in the backseat of my truck as I type. (I need to sneak that into the office soon.)

Back to Wes, though. Last time he had a delivery on the front step, I had asked him what he had ordered. He said it was all safety-related items. Now, I have no idea what was actually in that box. It could have been beef jerky for all I knew. But, he got me with the safety talk and I just assumed it was a roost protector or gloves. Nowadays…that is his common response for deliveries with his name. He’s smart…no he’s genius.

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