Bucket List: 5 Miles of Hell Trail

This is one of those “Bucket List Rides” I have always wanted to do.

It all started with me watching some video on YouTube and the Intern walking by asking, “Whatca watching?”

I perked up out of my Zombie state in front of the computer screen and said, “Five miles of hell, I really want to ride this trail.”

Jokingly the Intern said, “Why don’t you ask the guys if they want to head to Utah and ride it?”

She was thinking I wouldn’t take the bait. The next think you know I’m burning up my cell phone texting my girlfriends (that’s what the Intern calls my ridding buddies) about heading to Moab and hitting 5MOH on the way.

Uh, I call them your girlfriends because you chat and text with them more that you do with me. And yes, the idea of you riding 5 miles of hell freaked me out at the time. You really need to stop watching those crazy You Tube videos when I am home.

Well a few months later we were on the road for a bucket list adventure. Now I might have forgotten to mention this, but only thinking of the adventure and nothing else, we planned this trip in July. I’m not sure if you have ever been in a desert environment in the middle of July but let me assure you it’s HOT!


As we rolled up to where we decided to unload the bikes, we stepped out of the comfortable air conditioned confines of the truck and into a blast furnace. I’m not kidding you at all. After the shock of the heat wore off we started to unload and hit the trail.

The trail started off pretty easy so it was a nice way to get warmed up before you actually have to drop into 5MOH. Did I mention that this trail has three escape routes. Half way through we figured out why it’s called 5 miles of Hell.


It’s Hot, technical, and EXTREME! It’s everything an adventure should be. It took us about four hours to make it through. I would HIGHLY recommend taking PLENTY of water. This place will dehydrate you so quickly. We actually ran out of water just past the third escape route. Needless to say, we were pretty thirsty by the time we got back to camp. I will tell you, though, this was one of my favorite adventures. I loved the area so much I took the intern there for a vacation. No, she doesn’t ride. We did some hiking and site seeing I was able to see some areas I missed.

Now I know you all have a bucket list. What are you waiting for get, out there and achieve it. Go make memories.


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