Big White Dog of Death

There are some amazing single tracks just South of Twin Falls, Idaho. We chose to ride the South Hills Trail near Twin Falls.south-hills-southern-idaho-trail-map.jpg


Every other year, four of us guys head out for what our wives refer to as “Man-cation.” We load up our bikes, gear and head out for an adventure. We plan for a 10-11 days ride depending on the miles we would like to cover.

This particular trip, we ventured all the way down to Moah, Utah for our final stop. It was awesome and one of my favorite Man-cations to date.

We had just arrived in Idaho and decided to stay an extra day in this South Hills area just outside of Twin Falls, Idaho. We looked over the map and discovered, as a riding area, it really had a lot of the things we enjoyed riding. Hillsides, creeks and single-track trails. So, we were on one of the single tracks, we came across a tight canyon with a beautiful meadow in the bottom. In this meadow, there was a herd of sheep. The sheep were somewhat slowing us up. We were riding through the sheep when an animal caught my eye. It was about the same size as the sheep, perhaps a little taller and the same color. I could see this animal charging at me. This animal was FAST! It came within feet of me and me bike. It literally could have knocked me off my bike. I twisted the throttle and got out of that meadow as fast as I could. Now remember, this animal came down off the hill and caught up to me. It wasn’t until after I caught my breath I realized I had made it safe and sound, but my friends were definitely in for a rude awakening. They hadn’t had the head start I did.

It’s that old saying, you don’t have to out ride the white dog of death, you just have to out ride your friends. Eventually, they all caught up to me and their eyes were huge. Each one had a similar story regarding the white dog of death, and to this day, we all laugh because we don’t know how we made it without that dog getting at least one of us.

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