The Garage Incident

Hi everyone. It’s the Intern again, here to share another Safety Sally tale on you-know-who.

I thought I would mix it up today and ask Wes to share his memories of this story as well. You know, so you get the whole truth and nothing but the truth. My recollection will be in normal font and Wes’ recollections will be in the italic font.

I was getting ready for work and Wes was down in the garage loading his dirt bike. It was ride before work day. These were the days he, his coworkers and their boss would all head up to America Fork Canyon (AF Canyon) before they began their work day. It happened all of the time, so it wasn’t something out of the ordinary that Wes would be loading up before work.

It was raining and I had pulled the truck back far enough that the bed was inside the garage. (I really didn’t want to get wet right off the bat.) So, I was loading the bike, taking it up the ramps and I smacked my head on the top of the garage door. This caused both the bike and I to fall backward, landing on the tailgate, and then, both myself and the bike came crashing down on the garage floor. Knocked the wind out of me. The bike was laying on top of me and the way I was pinned, I couldn’t lift it off. As soon as I could breathe again…

I was just getting ready to start blow drying my hair. I had just plugged in the dryer when I heard someone calling my name. I thought I had heard someone calling my name. It was pretty faint, and I wasn’t really sure so I stood there for a moment holding the dryer listening. Sure enough. I heard my name and that time it was quite clearly. It’s Wes. His voice is strained. OMG, HE’S HURT.

I tear off down the stairs and rip open the door to the garage and stare at him on the floor with his bike atop him. I want to say I assessed the situation. I want to say I notice all of the gas on his pants and on the floor of the garage. I want to say I was calm, cool and collected, but the truth was I freaked out and simply lifted the bike off him. I raised the bike above my head and slowly lowered it to the ground. It was epic.

Um, she did run down the stairs fast, and she did quickly lift the bike off me. I did help once I was able to wiggle free. She forgot to mention the ten-minute lecture about safety and how I could have been killed and maybe loading my bike was a two-person job. That’s my Safety Sally.

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