Intern Post

Hi everyone. *Waives to the computer.*

WE likes to refer to me as the ‘Intern” so, let’s keep that going.

I am also known as Safety Sally with most of Wes’ riding buddies. It is totally a compliment as I am the one who makes sure the First Aid kit has plenty of panty liners and super glue in it. I am the one who insists helmets ARE required when riding in first gear in a circle. I am also the one who insists on a Life Flight subscription. You can never ever be too prepared.

Part of my narcissism, I mean OCD, I mean love for Wes…is to keep him where I can see him if he is riding alone. That, my friends, is how he talked me into a track at the house. I say talked me into and really all he did was start tearing apart a field across the lane while I wasn’t home. I came home from work to the, look what I did, excitement of a five-year-old. Honestly, it keeps him close and where I can see him, plus there is plenty of room for Life Flight to land should something major occur.

I can’t tell you how many times he has told me he’s going to ride the track and I find myself turning of every electronic device so I am able to hear his bike running. No braaap…someones obviously hurt, right? (Safety Sally) Ever since the Utah incident in our garage…ugh! If I can’t hear his bike, I panic. You can read that story soon. (The Garage Incident.)

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