Mental Clarity

A few years ago, while Safety Sally was at work, I decided to create a track at the house. It started off pretty simple with some great whoops and small high banks. It was perfect for my friends to bring their little ones out and have them learn new skills. Total was about a quarter-mile in distance. A bit after that, I had some people out at the house moving dirt around. They helped me build some jumps, whoops and some high-bank turns on the track.

Last year, I added the tires, logs and rock obstacles to the course. In case you were wondering, Safety Sally wasn’t completely thrilled with the idea of a track right out our front door. She is, however happy that I stick close to home and I quite proud of me for leaving an area large enough for a helicopter to land…you know, just in case. (She always thinks of the just in case.)

The mind cannot wander far when you are balanced on a few partially buried tires. This is one of the many reasons I enjoy riding enduro on my personal track. 

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